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Tubing (Non-Shrinkable)

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Tubing & Sleeving Cable Management

Electrical Non-Shrink Tubing

The Sycor team supplies non-shink tubing to diverse industries all over the world. We offer various constructions of tubing, including PVC, zipper, convoluted, corrugated, spiral, spaghetti (small diameter) and braided. Almost all of these constructions are available in an array of different materials, meaning that we can help you find the perfect product for your application. Not only are our non-shrink tubings easily installed, but they also offer tremendous dielectric strength. These versatile wire management products are available with CSA, UL and mil-spec approvals. 

Detailed wiring is important for a wide range of professions. Many of these operations that employers engage in are very technical and can become complicated very quickly. A large majority of professionals have learned how to organize and effectively manage hundreds of wires that are in close proximity to one another through basic tubing and sleeving cable management. Cable management refers to the management of electrical and optical cable within designated installations. 

While many people believe that wiring is a straightforward process, it is quite often not. From advanced electrical engineers to the average Joe, all forms of wiring can be simplified ten-fold with the additional organization that cable management offers, but that’s not all. Our team at Sycor offers a wide range of different tubing and sleeving products that provide additional protection, all while making wire organization fast and painless.


Electrical Tubing Benefits:

  1. Increased safety
  2. Cut down on wasted time and frustration
  3. Additional strength and shelf life
  4. Keep your work environment cleaner


While Sycor’s tubing and sleeving solutions can be used in almost any application. They're typically used for electrical insulation, harness jacketing, and general protective covering.


Other Cable Management Products

-          Heat-Shrink Tubing
-          Reusable Zipper Tubing
-          Sleeving (fiberglass)
-          Wire Markers
-          Lacing Cord
-          Cable ties (Flag Ties)


The electrical industry is continuously requiring greater organization as technology becomes more complicated. With the electrical wiring industries growing exponentially in the past few years and in years to come, it’s evident how cable management is becoming more and more a key source to less stressful, efficient success.

If you are unsure which of the various kinds of wire tubing is right for your application, let us help!  Sycor Technology not only provides the best products in the industry but also the best service.  Our experienced and dedicated staff will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.   Sycor’s dedicated team is at your disposal.  Request a quote online, email, or call us today!