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Medium/High Voltage Wire & Cable

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Medium & High Voltage Wire

Cable Type & Voltage



Shield Type

 » MV90 2.4kv EPR PVC None
» MV90 2.4kv XLPE None None
» MV90 5kv XLPE PVC Wire Shield
» MV90 8kv XLPE PVC Wire Shield
» MV90 15kv XLPE PVC Wire Shield
» MV90 25kv XLPE PVC Wire Shield
» MV90 35kv XLPE PVC Wire Shield
» MV90 5kv XLPE PVC Tape Shield
» MV90 8kv XLPE PVC Tape Shield
» MV90 15kv XLPE PVC Tape Shield
» MV90 25kv XLPE PVC Tape Shield
» MV90 35kv XLPE PVC Tape Shield
» MV105 5kv EPR CPE Tape Shield
» MV105 8kv EPR CPE Tape Shield
» MV105 15kv EPR CPE Tape Shield
» MV105 25kv EPR CPE Tape Shield
» MV105 35kv EPR CPE Tape Shield
» MV105 5kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105 8kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105 15kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105 25kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105 35kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105-3C  5kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105-3C  8kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105-3C  15kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105-3C  25kv EPR PVC Tape Shield
» MV105-3C  35kv EPR PVC Tape Shield


Medium & High Voltage Wire Application


Sycor Technology is more than ready to help you with all your medium and high voltage requirements!  With a vast inventory of Medium Voltage Cables and High Voltage Wires, Sycor can provide you with the products you need to complete your task.

Medium Voltage Wire:

Sycor Technology’s medium voltage cables are designed to endure the toughest conditions and continually provide a reliable power connection. Common industries that Sycor supplies with these cables include: mining, petroleum, pulp and paper, and water treatment, but medium voltage cables can really be used in any aerial, conduit, and direct-burial application where power distribution is needed.

The various configurations and options available in medium voltage cables attest to their versatility. Sycor provides medium voltage cable in constructions consisting of single and multi-conductor, bronze or aluminum conductors, XLPE or EPR insulation, and 100% or 133% insulation levels. In applications where fire may be of concern, Sycor Technology is also able to provide Low Smoke Zero-Halogen medium voltage alternatives. Ranging from a low of 2.4kV to a high of 35kV, Sycor can help provide you with a medium voltage solution!


Medium & High Voltage Wire ApplicationMedium & High Voltage Wire Application


High Voltage Wire:

Sycor Technology only supplies the highest quality extruded high voltage cables to ensure that they can live up to their name. In order to achieve their maximum potential, high voltage wire must be manufactured with excellent insulation properties to help protect against melting and shrink-back. These types of wires are insulated with polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, or high-grade silicone. High Voltage wires boast tremendous electrical properties and can reach 40kV or even higher. They are most commonly used in consumer electronics, appliances, lighting fixtures, and high-temperature applications. For all your high voltage wire needs, Sycor is equipped with the inventory and expertise to serve you.

Have a question about High-Voltage wire or if they are right for your application? Give us a call!  Sycor’s knowledgeable and friendly sales team are eager to lend their expertise and help find the right cable for you, whether it be a High Voltage cable or another product altogether.  Request a quote online, email, or call us today!