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Box Build Cable Assembly

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Box Build Cable Assembly


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    What is a Box Build Cable Assembly?

    A Box Build is exactly what it sounds like, building somthing within a box, and in this specific circumstance, it involves cable assemblies. Box build cable assemblies are electromechanical assemblies, which include the general installation of sub-assemblies and the required components. Often referred to as a PCB Assembly (PCBA), it's usually filled with electrical wire, a complex electromechanical system consisting of electronics and pneumatics.

    Box build for a junction box

    The Box Build Process

    Every box created is unique to its specific project and different levels of complexity per step. For example, one step may be simply inserting a circuit board, while the following subsequent step may include the difficult task of connecting specific wires to an interface display within a box with limited room.


    One of Sycor's Box Build Examples

    Popular Box Build Assembly Requirements:

    • Installation of sub-assemblies
    • Installation components
    • Routing wire harnesses
    • Fabrication of inclosures
    • Product configuration

    Cable Assembly Box Build

    Box Build Services:

    • System Level Assembly
    • Product Assembly
    • Sub-Level Product Assembly
    • Custom Wire Printing
    • Packaging & Labeling
    • Finished Product Testing
    • Product Configuration