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Flat Festoon Cable - PVC Unshielded - North America

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Flat Festoon Cable - PVC Unshielded - North America

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Insulation Thickness (mm)HeightWidth
    FES-16/4 16465/340.0310.790.200"/ 5.1mm0.590"/ 15mm
    FES-14/4 144105/340.03850.980.240"/ 6.10mm0.690"/ 17.53mm
    FES-12/4 12465/300.0320.810.230"/ 5.84mm0.710"/ 18.03mm
    FES-10/4 104105/300.0310.790.270"/ 6.86mm0.880"/ 22.35mm
    FES-08/4 84168/300.0461.170.365"/ 9.27mm1.190"/ 30.23mm
    FES-06/4 64266/300.0621.570.430"/ 10.92mm1.450"/ 36.83mm
    FES-04/4 44413/300.0621.570.486"/ 12.34mm1.656"/ 42.06mm
    FES-02/4 24665/300.0621.570.558"/ 14.17mm1.959"/ 49.76mm
    FES-2-0/4 2/041330/300.0822.080.783"/ 19.9mm2.712"/ 68.9mm
    FES-12/5 12565/300.0300.760.219"/ 5.56mm0.845"/ 21.46mm
    FES-10/5 105105/300.0310.790.270"/ 6.86mm1.080"/ 27.43mm
    FES-8/5 85168/300.0461.170.365"/ 9.3mm1.480"/ 37.6mm
    FES-6/5 65266/300.0621.570.430"/ 10.9mm1.810"/ 46mm
    FES-4/5 45413/300.0621.570.486"/ 12.3mm1.656"/ 42.1mm
    FES-2/5 25665/300.0621.570.558"/ 14.2mm2.470"/ 59.76mm
    FES-16/8 16865/340.0310.790.200"/ 5.08mm1.100"/ 28.19mm
    FES-14/8 148105/340.03850.980.240"/ 6.10mm1.334"/ 33.88mm
    FES-12/8 12865/300.0320.810.230"/ 5.84mm1.340"/ 34.04mm
    FES-16/12 161265/340.0310.790.200"/ 5.08mm1.605"/ 40.77mm
    FES-14/12 1412105/340.03350.850.240"/ 6.10mm1.950"/ 49.53mm

    20 Items

    Additional stranding and gauges may be available upon request. Please contact us to enquire. TPR  jacketed material for more rugged applications also available upon request.


    Download Spec Sheet 

    Flat Festoon CableFlat Festoon Cable


    Description of PVC Unshielded Flat Festoon Cable:


    Sycor’s unshielded flat festoon cable with PVC is a type of flat cable designed for use in festoon systems. It is used where there is space restrictions and where extreme flexing is required. The flat festoon cable has a bend radius of 3-5 times its diameter. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is oil resistant and operates well in low temperature conditions. Temperature ratings range from -40 to 105°C. in static conditions and -10°C to 70°C in dynamic conditions.

    Temperature Rating of PVC Unshielded Flat Festoon Cable:

    CSA/UL:-40°C to 105°C (static)
    -10°C to 70°C (dynamic)


    Approvals of PVC Ushielded Flat Festoon Cable:

    UL & CSA festoon
    UL AWM


    Construction of PVC Unshielded Flat Festoon Cable:

    Flexible stranded bare copper conductors with PVC insulation
    Yellow or black PVC jacket

    Application of PVC Unshielded Flat Festoon Cable:

    Sycor’s unshielded flat festoon cable with PVC is designed for bridge and gantry crane, and can also be used for power and control on cranes and hoists.


    Voltage Rating of PVC Unshielded Flat Festoon Cable:

    CSA/UL 600 Volts
    2000 Volts Peak

    Jacket Colour options available:  

    Black Colour 0Yellow Colour 4

    Colour Chart:

    Colour Chart
    Cond. # Colour
    1 Black
    2 Red
    3 Blue
    4 Orange
    5 Yellow
    6 Brown
    7 Red/Black
    8 Blue/Black
    9 Orange/Black
    10 Yellow/Black
    11 Brown/Black
    12 Black/Red

    Value-Added Services available:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VASTerminate VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.