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Bus Wire, Braids & Shunts

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Electrical Wire Braids, Bus Wire & Shunts

Sycor Technology is your one-stop-shop for all your bus wire, braid, ground strap, shunt, and magnet wire needs! We distribute high-quality, easy to install products for various applications to a number of industries internationally. Having maintained long-standing partnerships with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, our team has the capability to provide any type of bus wire, braid, ground straps, shunts, and magnet wire your application needs. 

  Electrical Flat Braid

Bus Wire

Bus wire (sometimes referred to as “buss wire,” “busbar,” or “buss bar”) is an uninsulated, soft-drawn copper wire. Bus wire can also come in tinned copper for quicker, easier soldering and can either have a solid or stranded conductor. Sycor Technology Inc. distributes Bus Wire for various applications, including winding motors, grounding electrical systems, and point-to-point wiring. Bus Wires offer very high levels of conductivity and tremendous flexibility when needed.


Braided Ground Straps

Most often used in control panel manufacturing, Braided Ground Straps are used as an electrical grounding connection between two terminals. Their increased surface areas and fine-woven stranding give them excellent heat dissipation properties and excellent current carrying capacity. Braided Ground Straps help prevent an array of adverse effects, including:

Damage due to vibration and shock, Expansion of terminal or connection area due to temperature changes, Displacement of components, Misalignment that may be incurred during the service lifetime of electrical machinery and equipment. 

 Ground Straps Value-Added Service


For higher-voltage applications, the Sycor team is capable of providing you with a custom shunt solution. Sometimes referred to as "braided jumpers" or "power shunts," these products are designed to meet the carrying capacity for a wide range of power distribution applications. They provide a large cross-sectional area composed of braided copper connectors.

Shunts can be used as alternatives to solid bus bars and cable assemblies, and are also capable of carrying very high currents with additional flexibility. Typical applications of shunts include usage in power stations, transformers, and motors, but there isn't a "standard" construction for a shunt. This means that Sycor can help provide you with a one-of-a-kind product to fit your unique application. Just show us your design or give us a call!

Electrical Shunt

Flat Braid

Flat braids come in both tinned and bare copper constructions. It comes in a variety of widths and constructions and is most often used for grounding or where flexibility is required. Flat braids are typically used for connecting moving parts, bonding and ground straps.

Flat Braid


Tubular Braid

Tubular braids come in both tinned and bare copper. The tubular braids are available in a variety of widths and constructions and are most often used for wire protection against physical damage or to shield wires from signal interference. Tubular braids are used as a protective covering or shield. A tubular braid protects against all forms of EMI and physically covers 85% of the inner wire. Having a round configuration allows for the tubular braid to attach to the wire with ease, while the physical make-up of the braid provides moderate flexibility.  

Tubular Braid


Commercial Oval Braid

The commercial tinned copper oval braid comes in a variety of widths and constructions and is most often used to shield wires from signal interference or for grounds.



Bare Bus, Braids & Shunt Brochure

Bare Bus, Braids and shunt brochure

Have a question about bare bus or braid wires?  We have the answers!  Whether you are unsure of which type best suits your application or are just curious about wires in general, Sycor’s dedicated team is at your disposal.  Request a quote online, email, or call us today!