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XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

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XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsGround Cond. SizeStrandingNom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (Mils)TempVoltage RatingUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SCXTCXP1425 1425N/A7 / .02420.9458090°C600 VoltsUL1277591
    SCXTCXP1426 1426N/A7 / .02420.968090°C600 VoltsUL1277592
    SCXTCXP1427 1427N/A7 / .02420.978090°C600 VoltsUL1277615
    SCXTCXP1428 1428N/A7 / .02420.9858090°C600 VoltsUL1277638
    SCXTCXP1429 1429N/A7 / .02421.008090°C600 VoltsUL1277661
    SCXTCXP1430 1430N/A7 / .02421.0258090°C600 VoltsUL1277670
    SCXTCXP1431 1431N/A7 / .02421.038090°C600 VoltsUL1277706
    SCXTCXP1432 1432N/A7 / .02421.0458090°C600 VoltsUL1277729
    SCXTCXP1433 1433N/A7 / .02421.0658090°C600 VoltsUL1277752
    SCXTCXP1434 1434N/A7 / .02421.078090°C600 VoltsUL1277775
    SCXTCXP1435 1435N/A7 / .02421.0858090°C600 VoltsUL1277797
    SCXTCXP1436 1436N/A7 / .02421.1058090°C600 VoltsUL1277820
    SCXTCXP1437 1437N/A7 / .02421.1058090°C600 VoltsUL1277843
    SCXTCXP1202 122N/A7 / .03050.3974590°C600 VoltsUL127773
    SCXTCXP1203 123N/A7 / .03050.424590°C600 VoltsUL1277110
    SCXTCXP1204 124N/A7 / .03050.464590°C600 VoltsUL1277140
    SCXTCXP1205 125N/A7 / .03050.5054590°C600 VoltsUL1277172
    SCXTCXP1206 126N/A7 / .03050.586090°C600 VoltsUL1277203
    SCXTCXP1207 127N/A7 / .03050.5856090°C600 VoltsUL1277245
    SCXTCXP1208 128N/A7 / .03050.636090°C600 VoltsUL1277270
    SCXTCXP1209 129N/A7 / .03050.6756090°C600 VoltsUL1277309
    SCXTCXP1210 1210N/A7 / .03050.7056090°C600 VoltsUL1277338
    SCXTCXP1211 1211N/A7 / .03050.726090°C600 VoltsUL1277372
    SCXTCXP1212 1212N/A7 / .03050.746090°C600 VoltsUL1277397
    SCXTCXP1213 1213N/A7 / .03050.746090°C600 VoltsUL1277439
    SCXTCXP1214 1214N/A7 / .03050.7956090°C600 VoltsUL1277473
    SCXTCXP1215 1215N/A7 / .03050.826090°C600 VoltsUL1277489
    SCXTCXP1216 1216N/A7 / .03050.888090°C600 VoltsUL1277540
    SCXTCXP1217 1217N/A7 / .03050.9058090°C600 VoltsUL1277574
    SCXTCXP1218 1218N/A7 / .03050.9258090°C600 VoltsUL1277608
    SCXTCXP1219 1219N/A7 / .03050.9558090°C600 VoltsUL1277618
    SCXTCXP1220 1220N/A7 / .03050.9558090°C600 VoltsUL1277675
    SCXTCXP1221 1221N/A7 / .03050.9758090°C600 VoltsUL1277709
    SCXTCXP1222 1222N/A7 / .03051.008090°C600 VoltsUL1277743
    SCXTCXP1223 1223N/A7 / .03051.028090°C600 VoltsUL1277777
    SCXTCXP1224 1224N/A7 / .03051.0358090°C600 VoltsUL1277811
    SCXTCXP1225 1225N/A7 / .03051.058090°C600 VoltsUL1277798
    SCXTCXP1226 1226N/A7 / .03051.0658090°C600 VoltsUL1277811
    SCXTCXP1227 1227N/A7 / .03051.088090°C600 VoltsUL1277842
    SCXTCXP1228 1228N/A7 / .03051.108090°C600 VoltsUL1277873
    SCXTCXP1229 1229N/A7 / .03051.1158090°C600 VoltsUL1277904
    SCXTCXP1230 1230N/A7 / .03051.148090°C600 VoltsUL1277941
    SCXTCXP1231 1231N/A7 / .03051.1458090°C600 VoltsUL1277966
    SCXTCXP1232 1232N/A7 / .03051.168090°C600 VoltsUL1277998
    SCXTCXP1233 1233N/A7 / .03051.1858090°C600 VoltsUL12771029
    SCXTCXP1234 1234N/A7 / .03051.1958090°C600 VoltsUL12771060
    SCXTCXP1235 1235N/A7 / .03051.218090°C600 VoltsUL12771091
    SCXTCXP1236 1236N/A7 / .03051.238090°C600 VoltsUL12771122
    SCXTCXP1237 1237N/A7 / .03051.2358090°C600 VoltsUL12771140
    SCXTCXP1002 102N/A7 / .03850.4454590°C600 VoltsUL1277102
    SCXTCXP1003 103N/A7 / .03850.474590°C600 VoltsUL1277154
    SCXTCXP1004 104N/A7 / .03850.524590°C600 VoltsUL1277212
    SCXTCXP1005 105N/A7 / .03850.606090°C600 VoltsUL1277259
    SCXTCXP1006 106N/A7 / .03850.6656090°C600 VoltsUL1277305
    SCXTCXP1007 107N/A7 / .03850.6556090°C600 VoltsUL1277343
    SCXTCXP1008 108N/A7 / .03850.716090°C600 VoltsUL1277407
    SCXTCXP1009 109N/A7 / .03850.766090°C600 VoltsUL1277441
    SCXTCXP1010 1010N/A7 / .03850.7956090°C600 VoltsUL1277509
    SCXTCXP1011 1011N/A7 / .03850.8156090°C600 VoltsUL1277560
    SCXTCXP1012 1012N/A7 / .03850.888090°C600 VoltsUL1277593
    SCXTCXP1013 1013N/A7 / .03850.918090°C600 VoltsUL1277662
    SCXTCXP1014 1014N/A7 / .03850.948090°C600 VoltsUL1277713
    SCXTCXP1015 1015N/A7 / .03850.9658090°C600 VoltsUL1277722
    SCXTCXP1016 1016N/A7 / .03850.9958090°C600 VoltsUL1277752
    SCXTCXP1017 1017N/A7 / .03851.028090°C600 VoltsUL1277799
    SCXTCXP1018 1018N/A7 / .03851.0458090°C600 VoltsUL1277846
    SCXTCXP1019 1019N/A7 / .03851.0458090°C600 VoltsUL1277890
    SCXTCXP1020 1020N/A7 / .03851.088090°C600 VoltsUL1277940
    SCXTCXP1021 1021N/A7 / .03851.118090°C600 VoltsUL1277987
    SCXTCXP1022 1022N/A7 / .03851.1358090°C600 VoltsUL12771034
    SCXTCXP1023 1023N/A7 / .03851.1558090°C600 VoltsUL12771081
    SCXTCXP1024 1024N/A7 / .03851.1758090°C600 VoltsUL12771181
    SCXTCXP1025 1025N/A7 / .03851.198090°C600 VoltsUL12771150
    SCXTCXP1026 1026N/A7 / .03851.218090°C600 VoltsUL12771222
    SCXTCXP1027 1027N/A7 / .03851.2258090°C600 VoltsUL12771269
    SCXTCXP1028 1028N/A7 / .03851.2458090°C600 VoltsUL12771316
    SCXTCXP1029 1029N/A7 / .03851.2658090°C600 VoltsUL12771363
    SCXTCXP1030 1030N/A7 / .03851.2958090°C600 VoltsUL12771381
    SCXTCXP1031 1031N/A7 / .03851.308090°C600 VoltsUL12771457
    SCXTCXP1032 1032N/A7 / .03851.328090°C600 VoltsUL12771504
    SCXTCXP1033 1033N/A7 / .03851.3458090°C600 VoltsUL12771551
    SCXTCXP1034 1034N/A7 / .03851.368090°C600 VoltsUL12771598
    SCXTCXP1035 1035N/A7 / .03851.3758090°C600 VoltsUL12771645
    SCXTCXP1036 1036N/A7 / .03851.408090°C600 VoltsUL12771692
    SCXTCXP1037 1037N/A7 / .03851.408090°C600 VoltsUL12771749
    SCXTCXP0802 82N/A7 / .04860.6058090°C600 VoltsUL1277226
    SCXTCXP0803 83N/A7 / .04860.6458090°C600 VoltsUL1277295
    SCXTCXP0804 84N/A7 / .04860.7056090°C600 VoltsUL1277371
    SCXTCXP0602 62N/A7 / .06120.6856090°C600 VoltsUL1277301
    SCXTCXP0604 64N/A7 / .06120.7956090°C600 VoltsUL1277525
    SCXTCXP0402 42N/A7 / .07720.786090°C600 VoltsUL1277420
    SCXTCXP0403 43N/A7 / .07720.8658090°C600 VoltsUL1277628
    SCXTCXP0404 44N/A7 / .07720.958090°C600 VoltsUL1277798
    SCXTCXP0202 22N/A7 / .09740.948090°C600 VoltsUL1277640
    SCXTCXP0203 23N/A7 / .09740.9958090°C600 VoltsUL1277895
    SCXTCXP0204 24N/A7 / .09741.0958090°C600 VoltsUL12771165
    SCXTCXP0102 12N/A19 / .06641.0658090°C600 VoltsUL1277810
    SCXTCXP0103 13N/A19 / .06641.138090°C600 VoltsUL12771060
    SCXTCXP0104 14N/A19 / .06641.2458090°C600 VoltsUL12771550
    SCXTCXP1/002 1/02N/A19 / .07451.2358090°C600 VoltsUL1277960
    SCXTCXP1/003 1/03N/A19 / .07451.3158090°C600 VoltsUL12771380
    SCXTCXP1/004 1/04N/A19 / .07451.4558090°C600 VoltsUL12771766
    SCXTCXP2/002 2/02N/A19 / .08371.3358090°C600 VoltsUL12771140
    SCXTCXP2/003 2/03N/A19 / .08371.4258090°C600 VoltsUL12771680
    SCXTCXP2/004 2/04N/A19 / .08371.5758090°C600 VoltsUL12772170
    SCXTCXP3/002 3/02N/A19 / .09401.458090°C600 VoltsUL12771472
    SCXTCXP3/003 3/03N/A19 / .09401.568090°C600 VoltsUL12771988
    SCXTCXP3/004 3/04N/A19 / .09401.798090°C600 VoltsUL12772645
    SCXTCXP4/002 4/02N/A19 / .10551.458090°C600 VoltsUL12771740
    SCXTCXP4/003 4/03N/A19 / .10551.568090°C600 VoltsUL12772529
    SCXTCXP25002 250 MCM2N/A37 / .08221.5958090°C600 VoltsUL12772312
    SCXTCXP25003 250 MCM3N/A37 / .08221.76511090°C600 VoltsUL12773223
    SCXTCXP25004 250 MCM4N/A37 / .08221.94511090°C600 VoltsUL12774077
    SCXTCXP30002 300 MCM2N/A37 / .09001.76511090°C600 VoltsUL12772608
    SCXTCXP30003 300 MCM3N/A37 / .09001.87511090°C600 VoltsUL12773922
    SCXTCXP30004 300 MCM4N/A37 / .09002.07511090°C600 VoltsUL12774761
    SCXTCXP35002 350 MCM2N/A37 / .09731.86511090°C600 VoltsUL12772936
    SCXTCXP35003 350 MCM3N/A37 / .09731.98511090°C600 VoltsUL12774199
    SCXTCXP35004 350 MCM4N/A37 / .09732.19511090°C600 VoltsUL12775477
    SCXTCXP40002 400 MCM2N/A37 / .10401.96511090°C600 VoltsUL12773330
    SCXTCXP40003 400 MCM3N/A37 / .10402.08511090°C600 VoltsUL12774902
    SCXTCXP40004 400 MCM4N/A37 / .10402.3111090°C600 VoltsUL12776314
    SCXTCXP50002 500 MCM2N/A37 / .11622.12511090°C600 VoltsUL12774024
    SCXTCXP50003 500 MCM3N/A37 / .11622.26511090°C600 VoltsUL12775990
    SCXTCXP50004 500 MCM4N/A37 / .11622.5111090°C600 VoltsUL12777686
    SCXTCXP1402 142N/A7 / .02420.3614590°C600 VoltsUL127753
    SCXTCXP1403 143N/A7 / .02420.3834590°C600 VoltsUL127781
    SCXTCXP1404 144N/A7 / .02420.4164590°C600 VoltsUL1277102
    SCXTCXP1405 145N/A7 / .02420.4554590°C600 VoltsUL1277124
    SCXTCXP1406 146N/A7 / .02420.504590°C600 VoltsUL1277147
    SCXTCXP1408 148N/A7 / .02420.5674590°C600 VoltsUL1277182
    SCXTCXP1409 149N/A7 / .02420.6076090°C600 VoltsUL1277226
    SCXTCXP1410 1410N/A7 / .02420.6326090°C600 VoltsUL1277245
    SCXTCXP1411 1411N/A7 / .02420.656090°C600 VoltsUL1277270
    SCXTCXP1412 1412N/A7 / .02420.6666090°C600 VoltsUL1277282
    SCXTCXP1413 1413N/A7 / .02420.696090°C600 VoltsUL1277296
    SCXTCXP1414 1414N/A7 / .02420.7156090°C600 VoltsUL1277319
    SCXTCXP1415 1415N/A7 / .02420.7356090°C600 VoltsUL1277341
    SCXTCXP1416 1416N/A7 / .02420.7556090°C600 VoltsUL1277364
    SCXTCXP1417 1417N/A7 / .02420.7756090°C600 VoltsUL1277387
    SCXTCXP1418 1418N/A7 / .02420.7956090°C600 VoltsUL1277410
    SCXTCXP1419 1419N/A7 / .02420.7956090°C600 VoltsUL1277415
    SCXTCXP1420 1420N/A7 / .02420.826090°C600 VoltsUL1277421
    SCXTCXP1421 1421N/A7 / .02420.886090°C600 VoltsUL1277442
    SCXTCXP1422 1422N/A7 / .02420.908090°C600 VoltsUL1277463
    SCXTCXP1423 1423N/A7 / .02420.9168090°C600 VoltsUL1277484
    SCXTCXP1424 1424N/A7 / .02420.938090°C600 VoltsUL1277505

    147 Items

    Set Descending Direction

    Additional strandings and gauges available upon request. Please contact us to enquire.

    Download Spec Sheet    

    XLP-PVC Tray Cable UL1277 

    Description of XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    XLP-PVC UL1277 is a designated control and power tray cable. XLP-PVC tray cable is approved for applications in class 1, division 2 hazardous locations.

    Approvals of XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    IEEE 1202
    ICEA 210,000 BTU flame tests


    Construction of XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    Stranded bare copper conductor
    Crosslinked polyethylene (XLP) insulation
    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Jacket 


    Temperature Rating of XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277


    Voltage Rating of XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    600 Volts


    Application of XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    XLP-PVC tray cable UL1277 is typically used for power, control, switching, traffic control and for lighting and signal transmission.


    Alternative Product

    XLP-PVC with ground

    Colour options for XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    Black Colour 0


    Value-Added Services for XLP-PVC Tray Cable, UL1277

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VASTerminate VAS 

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.