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Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable

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Instrumentation & Tray Cable

For all your communication, control, tray, instrumentation, and automation applications, Sycor Technology has the perfect cable for you!  Sycor has distributed these types of cables to a plethora of companies across Canada, the United States, and globally.  All are available in a variety of materials, sizes, conductors, insulations, colours, and many other variables.  With our tremendous amount of stock and vast network of resources, Sycor Technology is guaranteed to be able to supply you with a cable that meets your specifications.

Control and Automation

Instrumentation and tray cable example

Sycor Technology proudly offers an array of high-quality control and automation products, including flexible control and flexible automation cables.  These types of cables are common in both commercial and industrial markets, and are used in applications such as robotics, manufacturing, construction, power and distribution, and several more. 

When choosing a control or automation cable, one should be mindful of the distinction between flex and continuous flex cables.  Flex cables may be bent during their installation, but should remain stationary thereafter.  Continuous flex cables, as one may be able to imply from the name, are able to withstand repeated bending and movement in their applications.  Both flex and continuous flex cables have tremendous service lives and can withstand 1-3 million cycles.  These highly durable cables are a solid investment and ensure that you get the bang for your buck. 

Sycor Technology’s control and automation cables are available in various materials (including low-smoke zero halogen options), conductors, shielding, and colours.  With a multitude of configurations at your disposal, Sycor is guaranteed to be able to provide you with the right control and automation cable for your application.


Tray and Instrumentation Cable

Sycor Technology distributes an extensive product-line of versatile tray and instrumentation cables.  Tray and instrumentation cables are most commonly used for the transmission of signals and energy while simultaneously rejecting external interference.  These cables are able to hold-up in highly volatile environments due to their resistance to sunlight, heat, and moisture. 

Tray and instrumentation cables are generally installed in trays, wire-ways, troughs, ducts, conduits, and channels.  Sycor offers these types of cables in flexible constructions for moving applications, as well as in power-limited versions for mass transit systems and power-limited circuits.  For all your tray and instrumentation cable needs, Sycor Technology has the skilled staff and resources to ensure you get the cable you need for the price you want to pay.

Tray Cable's are general purpose cables that can be used in wet or dry locations. Tray cables come with shielding capabilities, that excel in indoor or outdoor applications. Tray cables are typically used for power distribution and are consistently used to support structures of any size. Tray cables are a well-known asset for a large majority of construction and utility companies.


The NEC (National Electric Code) defines a Tray cable

“A factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors, with or without associated bare or covered grounding conductors under a nonmetallic sheath, for installation in cable trays, in raceways, or where supported by a messenger wire.”


General Tray Cable Features and Materials

Very reliable in direct sunlight and for direct burial.
Can be used indoor for powering commercial buildings, parts of a home and many other kinds of structures that vary in size.
A strong solution for outdoor applications.

Tray Cable Insulations

Thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon (THHN)
Thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon water-resistant (THWN)
Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR)
Flame retardant ethylene propylene (rubber) (FREP/EPR)
Cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO)
Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE/XHHW)

Tray Cable Jackets

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)
Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH)


Tray Cable Voltages 

Control cable 600 Volts
Power cable 600 Volts
Instrumentation 300 Volts or 600 Volts