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Sycor's Building Wire Capabilities

 Building Wire example

Sycor Technology supplies building wire to a broad range of industries including hydro utilities, contractors, and control panel manufacturers. Building wire and cable are used throughout the world in the construction of all kinds of buildings architecture such as residential, commercial and public properties to huge industrial plants. These wires are very reliable and are typically used for carrying electrical current from an external source. Building wire as a whole is an extremely popular category around the world. Conducting electrical power from external sources, Sycor's specialized building wires are created and assembled to the NEC requirements, which designates what wire and cable can be used in building conduits and high traffic areas. Building wire has a variety of constructions, such as the aluminum or copper conductors, and stranded or solid conductors. The building wire category has a large selection of products that are listed under 4 distinct letters, each of which represents something about the construction of that wire.

Building Wire red



Building Wire Breakdown

THHN Building Wire

THWN Building Wire

TFFN Building Wire

T = Thermoplastic                            

HH = High Heat Resistance

N = Nylon Coated

Temp. Rating: 90°C in dry locations 

T= Thermoplastic                         

H = Heat Resistant

W = Water Resistant

N = Nylon Coated

Temp. Rating: 90°C in dry 75°C in wet

T = Thermoplastic

F = Flexible

F = Fixture

N = Nylon Jacket

Temp. Rating: 90°C in dry locations


The THHN, THWN & TFFN building wires are very durable because of their nylon coated jackets that are resistant to grease, gasoline, heat, moderate abrasion and oil. Being a reliable choice these building wires work well in wet or dry locations and are typically used because of their heat resistance and added durability. Typically THHN, TWHN and TFFN wires are very common in specific appliances, control circuits and machine tools.


XHHW Building Wire

X = Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

HH = High Heat Resistance

W = Water Resistance

Temp. Rating: 90°C in dry 75°C in wet   


Building wires are versatile products that are suitable for permanent installation in a number of applications, such as within conduits and other raceways, appliances, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and most other general-purpose applications. Building wires also come in a variety of gauges, stranding options, colours, insulations and jackets, which means that whatever your project may be, Sycor will have the construction you need. The most popular types of building wire that Sycor offers are the CSA certified T90, TW75, RW90, RWU90 and the UL certified TFFN and XHHW. The XHHW building wire is an improvement on THHN, THWN and TFFN, because of the material and the thickness of the insulation. XHHW building wire has a thicker jacket making it more resistant to ozone, abrasion, chemicals and oil. TFFN, THHN and THWN building wires use a much thinner jacket and when products such as these are subject to extreme conditions, the jacket will break and possibly burn. This is typically why XHHW building wire is preferred because even with a thicker jacket the wire is more flexible from its XLPE insulation.

Have a question about building wires? We have the answers! Whether you are unsure of which type of product best suits your application or are just curious about wires in general, Sycor’s dedicated team is at your disposal. Request a quote online, email, or call us today!