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Security, Fire Alarm & Specialty Lighting

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Sycor Technology proudly provides an array of high-profile clients across diverse industries with security, specialty lighting, and fire alarm cables.  These types of cables are often utilized in applications that can make the difference in saving a life, which is why we only distribute the highest quality products.  We offer these types of cables in various constructions, sizes, shielding options, and fire ratings to ensure that we can provide you with a product that fits your needs.  When you need a security, specialty lighting, or fire alarm cable you can trust, Sycor Technology can help. 


Security Cables:

Security Cable Security Cable

Sycor Technology offers a wide variety of security cables in various configurations to ensure that we can provide you with a product that will suit your specifications.  Sycor’s riser (CL3R, CMR) and plenum (CL3P, CMP) rated security cables are available in shielded and unshielded constructions.  These security cables are excellent for applications like intercom, security, and audio systems, but can be used in several others as well. 

Sycor also offers Station Z wire as an option for your security cabling needs.  Station Z operates at a low voltage and its solid conductors allow for easy installation with your security hardware.  This type of wire can be used in keypads and alarm systems, as well as indoor or outdoor intercom systems.  Available in direct-burial and plenum ratings with various amounts of conductors, Station Z wire is a versatile option for security related applications. 

While the name may deceive you, thermostat wire is actually an excellent choice for wiring bell and alarm systems.  Sycor distributes thermostat wires in both 18 and 20 gauge, with both sizes being able to accommodate between 2 and 12 solid copper conductors.  Sycor Technology’s thermostat wire contains a sunlight-resistant PVC insulation and is a flat cable in its 2 conductor configuration, while rounded in every other. 

When considering your options for security camera installation, RG59 coax Siamese cable should be at the top of your list.  This cable houses an RG59 coax video cable as well as a pair of 18 AWG, 2 conductor wires in one jacket.  RG59 coax Siamese cable is a very durable, heavily shielded product that can be run over long distances without interference.  This ensures that your video signals remain intact and that your security systems continually run on all cylinders.


Specialty Lighting:

Specialty Lighting Application Example

Whatever your unique lighting project calls for, Sycor can provide you with the specialty lighting cable you need to get the job done.  Our specialty lighting cables are used in various applications including emergency lighting systems, portable power systems, and stage lighting; and in industries like nightlife, entertainment, and theatre. 

Sycor distributes extremely durable stage lighting cables that are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.  Our stage lighting cables are not only water and sunlight resistant, but they are also able to withstand exposure to oils, alkalis, acids, heat, flames, moisture, and chemicals as well.  The stage lighting cables we distribute are available in an array of sizes and conductor configurations, making Sycor Technology the place to go for all your specialty lighting needs. 

If you can’t find the specialty lighting product you are looking for on our site, just give us a call!  Our friendly and resourceful sales team is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to help track down a product that will fit your outlined specifications.


Fire Alarm Cables:

There's no room for error in these applications and that is why Sycor Technology only distributes the highest-quality fire alarm cables.  Our offerings include FLPR riser cables, FPLP plenum cables, and FPL general purpose cables.  These types of cables are suitable for applications such as smoke alarms, microprocessor-based control systems, burglar alarms, and voice communication systems.  The fire alarm cables are available in multi-conductor and multi-pair, as well as shielded and unshielded configurations. 

Don’t get burned by cheap and untrustworthy products.  Let us provide you with the wires and cables you need to ensure that your fire safety products continually perform their intended function.


Plenum vs. Riser Ratings:

Plenum-rated (CMP) cables are suitable for installation in plenum spaces, which are areas in buildings that facilitate air circulation by providing pathways for airflow. Plenum-rated cables must undergo rigorous testing in order to earn this certification as, in the event of a fire, these cables must not pollute a building’s airways or exacerbate the flames. 

Riser-rated (CMR) cables are not certified for these types of applications and are instead meant to be run between floors. The fire testing for riser rating isn’t as strict, which means that a plenum rated cable can always replace a riser cable, but a riser cable cannot replace a plenum rated cable in a 'plenum space'. Have a question about if you need to use a riser-rated or plenum-rated cable?  Give us a call today and a member of our highly knowledgeable sales team will help you narrow down what you need for your application.