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Wire Harnessing & Custom Cabling

  1. What is a Ribbon Cable?

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    In the past, we’ve discussed a wide range of products that at first glance look very similar to one another. This breakdown we'll be looking at a different type of product that's relied on for a few unique applications. The construction of these cabling products makes them a more beneficial choice and is what their names are based on, 'Ribbon cable' or 'flat multi-wire planar cable'. With thousands of different wiring products, how does the ribbon cable differentiate itself and what makes this product unique?

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  2. 5 Common Wire Harnessing Mistakes

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    In the past wiring was very simple, just get the correct wire and attach the right connector. Now times have changed and with this change, we’ve seen simple wiring applications become very difficult, and require increasingly more complex designs. This blog will breakdown the 5 most common mistakes made with wire harnessing and how our team catches these mistakes. 

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  3. Customizing Cables & Design Considerations

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Custom Cable & Design Considerations

    Custom cables are extremely complicated, at least at first glance. Once you break down the different sections of the wire and the different options it becomes a much easier process. The first thing to keep in mind before choosing any of your materials is to fully understand what your custom cable will be subject too. Will your cable be surrounded by other cables, in a high-temperature environment or even be subject to contact with acidic chemicals?

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