Specific wiring is extremely important for a wide range of professions. Many of these operations that employers engage in are very technical and can become complicated very quickly. A large majority of professionals have learned how to organize and effectively manage hundreds of wires that are in close proximity to one another. Very few of these individuals are able to manage them with no additional help, while others resort to much more efficient cable management tactics. Cable management refers to the management of electrical and optical cable within designated installations. The management of cables makes continuous maintenance and changes to complicated cable systems much more simplistic.

Why Cable Management is Beneficial!

While many people believe that wiring is a straightforward process, it's quite often not. From advanced electrical engineers to the average Joe, all forms of wiring can be simplified ten-fold with the additional organization that cable management offers, but that’s not all. Sycor Technology offers a wide range of different cable management products that provide additional protection through tubing and sleeving while making wire organization fast and painless.

Cable management includes:

-          Heat Shrink Tubing
-          Non-Shrink Tubing
-          Reusable Zipper Tubing
-          Sleeving (fiberglass)
-          Wire Markers
-          Lacing Cord
-          Cable ties (Flag Ties)

There are 5 main factors for why your organization will benefit off of effective cable management:

  1. Increased safety
  2. Cut down on wasted time and frustration
  3. Additional strength and shelf life
  4. Keep your work environment cleaner
  5. A professional looking work environment

 Increased safety
1. Getting work done effectively and efficiently are essential aspects of any kind of business, but above all the safety of employees is the greatest concern. Cable management ensures that’s the result every time, with wire markings identifying dangerous areas to exterior tubing providing additional protection. At Sycor Technology Inc. we offer a wide variety of safety products that makes electrical applications easier and safer in all work environments, ranging from industrial manufacturing plants to laboratories that deal with highly acidic chemicals. Some of these dangerous occurrences could be from a loose wire tipping over dangerous material or having flammable liquids touching wires potentially causing a fire. Here at Sycor Technology Inc., we have a great deal of experience in providing the correct tools for dangerous applications at cost-effective pricing. Feel free to call and ask any questions about your workplace safety, because our experienced team is more than happy to help.
Cut down on wasted time and frustration
2. Cutting down on time not only saves manpower but gives back a higher ROI. With organizations continuously growing in size, detailed electrical work becomes consistently more important. The above picture on the right shows many very similar Cat cables, each of which leads to a designated area in the building. Now if a certain section were to stop working or have serious technical issues the wire markers would indicate what wire needed to be replaced, rather than testing hundreds of identical cables.Applying cable management in this example would make these types of processes much faster, efficient, as well as free up manpower for other issues that may need to be dealt with. Enjoying what you do is a major part of any kind of employment and we understand how frustrating it can be to untangle a massive ball of tangled cords when all that's required is a simple fix or replacement. With a large array of heat-shrink tubing, non-shrink tubing, wire markers, lacing cords and cable ties Sycor Technology Inc. is equipped to help in providing cost-efficient solutions and alternatives for any electrical wiring issues you may experiencing. 
Additional strength and shelf life

3. Another major benefit that sleeving, heat shrink tubing and non-shrink tubing cable management offers is additional physical protection from outside and inside environments. The picture to the right is an example of how sleeving can be effectively applied in outside applications for additional protection. This specific wire panel set-up is for a Nema control unit (traffic signal control panel). The picture demonstrates how sleeving is able to handle some of the harshest conditions as the temperature in this box can reach over +80°C in the summer and below -40°C in the winter. These panels are also subject to consistent maintenance in the rain and without the protection of a fiberglass sleeve the wire would be subject to moisture damage and fungus growth. Cable management is a cost-effective choice because of how it’s able to extend the shelf-life of every wire it protects, at least from a physical protection perspective. Sycor’s sleeving, heat-shrink tubing and non-shrink tubing offer a wide variety of options that are able to be applied in almost every kind of application (within its temperature rating range). 




Keep your work environment cleaner

4. Tracking where each connection starts and ends is essential when working with electrical wire. Let's take a second and compare 2 different work environments. While one uses cable ties, wire markings and flag ties to find and bundle difficult wiring applications, the other just has messy wires pointing in all different directions. Why is having a more organized work environment a benefit? Well for 1 it lowers the number of mistakes that would take place; because of how much easier it is to follow the correct wire to the source of the issue, where maintenance can then be applied. Having a well organized electrical system is also beneficial because dust only forms in small areas, making cleaning and maintenance much more efficient, all while giving work areas a professional looking end result. Sycor has a well-experienced sales team that can help with questions you may have about keeping your workplace clean and organized while recommending the best possible solution and alternatives to any issue. 


A professional looking work environment

5. All forms of cable management are important, but the final outcomes for applications that use cable management always get professional looking final results. There are a large number of jobs that don’t require professional end results as a large majority of electrical work is done behind closed panels or rooms. Offices recently have been implementing more cable management (cable ties, flag ties) to keep workplaces more organized. The image on the right demonstrates how cable tie bundles can dramatically change a messy, unorganized workplace into a professional one. Imagine a future employer walking into your office and noticing immediately that your workplace has messy and potentially hazardous wire connections all over. Now, this wouldn’t affect your works final result or your work ethic, but before employing you that first impression goes a long way, especially if you've never met before. Sycor has a great deal of experience with customers especially in large organizations that are trying to improve their overall appearance, which is why our experienced sales team is more than happy to provide help for any kind of solution you require.


Cable management is a broad range of products, but it’s also very fast growing as the field of heat shrink tubing is expected to grow “roughly to 5060 million US$ in 2023, from 4710 million US$ in 2017” (The Aerospace News). Growing to $5.06 billion shows just how much the electrical industry is continuously requiring more cable management, because of how technology is continuing to become more complicated and grow in size. With the electrical wiring and cabling industry growing exponentially in the past few years and the next few years to come, it’s evident how cable management is becoming more and more a key source to having less stressful success. Here at Sycor Technology Inc., we offer many different types of cable management products that are cost-effective solutions to even the most complicated of applications and our sales team is ready to help in any way we can. 


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