Benefits of Expando Sleeving

In the world of wire and cable, there’s a wide range of products but what people often overlook are the cable management ones. One of these popular cable management products that receives very little attention is “Expando Sleeving”. Sycor Technology distributes expandable braided polyester tubing in a variety of sizes and colours. Expandable braided sleeving, widely referred to as "expando", also comes in fray resistant and flame retardant versions making it a versatile choice for protecting wire bundles, harnesses and tubing. Expando sleeving is an easy to use, cost-effective alternative to heat-shrink tubing and is designed with increased flexibility.

Expando Sleeving

Expando sleeving is exactly as it sounds, a braided sleeve but the expandable aspect is what makes it so unique. This form of sleeving is the perfect solution for many applications such as providing durable protection over tubing, hoses, cables, wire bundles, harnesses and flat ribbon cables. Expando sleeving is ideal against most oils, fuels, cleaners, solvents and chemicals. This is a great sleeving solution for use in machines, tools, robotics, automatic equipment and a strong choice when exposure to the elements is a major concern.

Different Types of Expando Sleeving Available:

•    Non-Fraying Expando Sleeving

•    Polyester Webbed Expandable Sleeving

•    Flame Retardant Expandable Sleeving (FR)

•    Expandable Braided Sleeving


Expando Sleeving Features:

•    Strong abrasion and cut-through resistance.

•    Condensation resistant.

•    Fungus and rot-resistant.

•    The braided weave enables the sleeves overall diameter to expand, making installations easy and stress-free.


Additional Expando Sleeving Properties:

•    Temperature Range: -70°C to +125°C

•    Chemical Resistance: Most forms of expando sleeving are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, but not all.

•    Fungus Resistance: Long term fungus prevention.



•    UL Approved

•    CSA Approved

•    Mil-l-631D

•    RoHS Approved


Expando sleeving is used in millions of applications daily and if used correctly can increase the intended wires shelf life. Our team is a well-stocked distributor and can help with any questions or concerns you may have with your expand sleeving applications. 


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