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Mining Wire & Cable

Wire & Cable: Mining Equipment Application

Electrical Mining Equipment

Mining equipment requires some of the most durable material in order to handle various demanding conditions that their applications are subject to. Mining wire and cable products are also subject to these extreme conditions, and unless the correct type of constructions is used, applications will consistently fail. In order to better combat major safety issues with electrical equipment, the Mining Saftey and Health Administration.


MSHA - (Mining Saftey & Health Administration)

MSHA, also known as Mining Saftey & Health Administration, is the certification that administers the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act. This Act, also known as the Mine Act, was developed in 1977 and enforced the compliance of the health and safety standards. MSHA has since then been separated into seven different divisions, which focus on different factors within the mining application (in this case, "Electrical").

Mining Wire & Cable Applications


Mining Wire & Cable Products

A mining cable is a cable that must be 100% reliable, extremely resistant and must have the appropriate certifications in orders to legally used.

  • SOOW
  • Type W (Round Available)
  • Type G or G-GC
  • Locomotive Diesel Motor Lead
  • Diesel Locomotive