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Automotive Wire

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Sycor Technology is stocked and ready to help you with all your Automotive Wire and Cable needs. We carry everything you need for your automotive applications, including PVC primary automotive wire, cross-linked automotive wire, battery cable, brake cable, and more. Our expansive selection is available in a variety of configurations. If you need any specific colour, colour combination or have any other requirement, we are happy to customize your order. Sycor Technology’s signature value-added services, including striping and terminating, give you the resources to make your own unique automotive wire specific to your requirements.


Important factors associated with automotive wiring applications:

1. The first factor to consider is the type of material. When examining automotive applications aluminum and bare copper are traditionally the popular choice. Copper is flexible, conductive and unlikely to become corroded over time, while aluminum is cheaper, lighter, less durable and corrodes much more than copper during continuous use.


2. The second beneficial characteristic to focus on is correct gauge size. Every automotive application is different even if it’s the exact same but in a different model. The lower the gauge the larger the wire, which allows for a greater amount of electricity to reach the automotive application. It’s important to keep the type of car in mind as fully electric Tesla requires automotive wire with lower gauges, while Mazda or Ford will require much higher gauges for their automotive wiring applications. 


3. The third important aspect to consider with automotive wire is the amperage, which is how much electrical current can flow through that specific automotive wire at one time. In an automotive wire application setting, amperage is similar to gauge because the incorrect wire in an application will cause an overload and the wire to fail.


4. The fourth and final feature of automotive wire is to keep in mind is the connections. The 2 connections used for automotive wire applications are soldered and solderless. The solderless are typically used with crimp terminals in order to make connections, but be careful and make sure to ask what is needed as you will be dealing with hot metal.


Every company model requires a certain approval in order to become designated automotive wire. This ensures that all wires are safe and up to UL/CSA standards.

SAE             Ford Specification    Chrysler Specification   
J-1128 M1L-50A MS-3490


Have a question about automotive wires?  We have the answers!  Whether you are unsure of which type best suits your application or are just curious about wires in general, Sycor’s dedicated team is at your disposal.  Request a quote online, email, or call us today!