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Automotive Wire

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Automotive Wire & Cable

 Automotive Wire & Cable

Sycor Technology is stocked and ready to help you with all your Automotive Wire and Cable needs.  We carry everything you need for your automotive electrical applications, including: primary automotive wire, motor wire, cross-linked automotive wire, speaker wire, battery cable, brake cable, and more.  Our expansive selection is available in a variety of configurations and if you are unsure of which kind your application calls for, our dedicated sales team is always available and willing to help you with any questions you may have.  Sycor Technology’s signature value-added services, including striping and terminating, give you the resources to make your own unique automotive wire specific to your requirements.


GPT/Primary automotive wire is the most common automotive wire and, as its name implies, is able to fulfill most general purpose applications.  Its multi-stranded core and flexible PVC insulation make it ideal for pulling through tight spaces.  GPT is also resistant to abrasion, oils, chemicals, and acids, making it a durable selection for any automotive electrical requirement.

Motor Wire

Motor wire differs from GPT in that its stranding is finer, allowing it to carry higher voltages (up to 600V).  It is most commonly used in appliances and HVAC applications, but is gaining popularity in automotive usage.  Motor wire is also highly resistant to grease, oil, water, solvents, and fungus.

SXL Wire

In comparison to GPT, SXL wire boasts a cross-linked polyethylene jacket, has a higher heat tolerance, and is more resistant to abrasion and aging.  Its superior durability makes it the ideal choice for rigorous usage in racing and industrial vehicles.  GXL and TXL contain the same insulation as SXL, but their thinner walls make it even easier to pull them through tight and narrow spaces. 

Speaker Wire

Speaker wire is paired, stranded wire for use in audio applications.  Its primary function is to carry sound from a stereo receiver to a set of speakers.  Speaker wire is intended for low voltage use and should not be used to carry a load.  It is also imperative to ensure that the positive and negative ends of the speaker wire are hooked-up accordingly.  Even though it can run “out of phase” with the ends attached improperly, the audio produced will sound terrible.

Battery Cable (SGT, SGX, STX)

Battery cables are most typically used to connect a battery to a car’s electronic system and ground it.  Battery cables are typically larger in gauge size, and are therefore heavier products.  These cables are composed of bare copper conductors and are available in the standard battery circuit colours of black and red.  


HDT Cable

HDT (Heavy Duty Thermoplastic) cable consists of a single, stranded, bare copper conductor encased in a tough PVC insulation.  As its name boasts, HDT cable is designed for use in rigorous automotive applications that require high durability.  HDT cable is most typically used as surface wiring for thin wall, low tension applications.  It has a maximum operating voltage of 60V and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C.  HDT cable is available in a variety of sizes and colours.


TWP Wire

TWP (Thin Wall PVC) wire consists of a single, stranded, bare copper conductor surrounded by PVC insulation.  Its small diameter and light weight construction make TWP ideal for use in tightly-spaced automotive applications.  TWP can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +105°C and is rated for applications up to 50V.  TWP is also available in various gauges and colours. 


GXL Automotive Wire

GXL automotive wire consists of a single, stranded, bare copper conductor with thin wall XLPE insulation.  GXL is excellent for automotive applications requiring high heat resistance and is suitable for use in temperatures from -50°C up to +125°C.  The combination of its stranded construction and thin wall insulation also make GXL a superb choice for automotive applications with limited amounts of space.  GXL is a low voltage wire and can be used in applications up to 50V.  GXL wire is readily available in many gauge sizes and colours.


TXL Automotive Wire

TXL automotive wire consists of a single, stranded, bare copper conductor with extra thin wall XLPE insulation.  TXL can be used in temperatures ranging from -50°C up to +125°C, making it ideal for applications requiring high heat resistance.  Its light weight and high flexibility also make it a great choice for tightly spaced automotive applications.  TXL is a low voltage wire and can be used in applications up to 50V.  TXL is available in a number of different gauge sizes and colours.


   SAE      Ford Specification      Chrysler Specification   
J-1128 M1L-50A MS-3490


Have a question about automotive wires?  We have the answers!  Whether you are unsure of which type best suits your application or are just curious about wires in general, Sycor’s dedicated team is at your disposal. Request a quote online, email, or call us today!