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Mil-Spec Wire & Cable

  1. Hook-Up Wire VS Mil-Spec

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Hook-up and mil-spec products are some of the most popular wiring categories in the electrical industry. From simple appliances to extremely demanding applications, both cabling products are able to replace each other in most non-critical applications. This blog will compare two of our team's most requested cabling products and explain why specific constructions can be used as different types of alternatives.

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  2. M16878 vs M22759

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    When it comes to wire and cable, there's a number of different constructions for the varying UL, CSA and Mil-Spec designations. This breakdown we'll be covering the fundamental differences between the Mil-W-16878 (M16878) and the Mil-W-22769 (M22759) cabling products. It will also be going over the different types of constructions used, what applications each construction is used for, and why specific mil-spec cables are preferred over traditional high-temperature and hook-up wires.

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  3. Mil-Spec Wire Explained

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Why is Military wire so much different than every other wiring or cabling product?

    Military wire or Mil-Spec wire is unique because it’s one of the only wiring products with its own designation, unlike hook-up or high-temperature wire. Similar to UL and CSA, Mil-Spec wire has a specific set of standards that must be followed in order for that product to be considered “real” mil-spec wire.

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