Sycor Technology has been working with manufacturers around the world for over 40 years. With manufacturers specializing in different aspects of various cabling constructions, Sycor Technology can source any type of cable with almost any type of certification.

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Distribution Rescue!

One area in the cabling business where Sycor is unmatched is having the ability to source difficult-to-find products. This unique ability is what separates Sycor from the average distributor. Most suppliers will simply supply stock or offer a manufacturing lead time. Sycor takes its business to the next level. With vendors all over the world, locating hard-to-find products is just a few calls away. Whether you're looking for a unique gauge, a wonky conductor count, a hard-to-find construction or looking for low volume, Sycor's sourcing specialists have a solution.

Wire and cable products can be challenging to understand, and for buyers, it can often become quite challenging trying to find the exact product you need. It can be even more complicated when your cable isn't readily available and likely requires a mill run.


Let the sourcing specialists help

What if my product isn't available anywhere?

It's not uncommon for certain cables to not be available. It's simple business; if the usage is too low, a more profitable product may take its shelf space. When this issue occurs, Sycor again goes the extra mile. Most distributors and manufacturers simply no quote. Having some of the brightest cabling specialists in the industry, equipped with the tools Sycor has at its disposal, enables our sales team to offer cost-effective alternative solutions.


Alternative Examples

Some of Sycor's most popular products are part of the hook-up wiring category, which are also known as lead or appliance wires. These are easy to find in their standard gauges but can be difficult when larger quantities and colours are required. What's unique about many of the cables that Sycor's distribution facility handles is that many are equivalents of one another, meaning they have very similar constructions but different approval ratings.



Product Comparison


Requested Product

    CSA TR64, UL1007, UL1569    

Alternative Product

    Mil-W-16878/2, Type C Wire    

AWG  22 22
Stranding 7/30 7/30
NOM O.D 0.062" 0.064"
Voltage 300V 1000V
Insulation PVC PVC
Temperature 105°C 105°C
Conductor Tinned Bare Copper Tinned Bare Copper

The only difference between these cables is approvals. The mil-spec wire being certified for military applications is suitable for up 1000 volts, while the commercially viable CSA TR64, UL1007, UL1569 is only rated for 300 volts. Even though these cables have virtually no difference in their constructions, they're approved for entirely different applications, and it's technically against regulations for them to be used in each other's applications.  




Electrical wire and cable have a number of different approvals that vary depending on the industry and the type of application. Other kinds of approvals have been put in place for particular countries known as National Testing & Approval Agencies. Most distributors aren't able to supply certain specifications as they're not connected to manufacturers with those capabilities. Sycor being a private entity has been able to establish relationships with thousands of manufacturers worldwide. Whether you're looking for a standard lead wire, a QPL approved mil-spec wire or even a custom-made cable, Sycor has the capabilities to find you a cost-effective solution.

CSA - Canadian Standards Association

Various National Approval Agencies

Australia - ETSA (Electricity Trust of South Australia)
Belgium - CEBEC (Belgium Electrotechnical Committee)
Canada - CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
 United States  - UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.)
Denmark - DEMKO (Danish Electrical Testing Station)
Finland - SATIN (Electrical Inspectorate)
Italy - IMQ (Italian Institute of the Mark of Quality)
Netherlands - KEMA
Norway - NEMKO (Norwegian Board for Testing and Approval of Electrical Equipment
Sweden - SEMKO (Swedish Institute for Testing and Approval of Electrical Equipment)
Switzerland - SEV (Swiss Electrotechnical Association)

Having sold wires to virtually every type of industry and having worked with just about every type of cable, Sycor Technology has the tools to track down any type of cable you need. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email one of our sourcing specialists directly 


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