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Let's First Take A Look At The Evolution Of Power!

Evolution of Power Throughout History

"1690 – Coal replaces wood
Widespread use of coal begins in Europe due to wood depletion.

1848 Coal discovered in New Zealand
New Zealand coal is discovered by Thomas Brunner on the West Coast of the South Island.

1859 – First US oil well
First oil well in America is drilled in Pennsylvania.

1868 – First solar power plant
The first modern solar power plant in Algiers used to heat water to drive a steam engine.

1885 – Petrol powered car
Karl Benz develops the first working motorcar powered by petrol.

1892 – First hydroelectric power station in New Zealand
The first hydroelectric power station in New Zealand is built at Mokopeka.

1933 – First hydroelectric power station in the South Island
First hydroelectric power station scheme in operation on the Kawerau River in the South Island.

1939 – Nuclear power
Otto Hahn, in Germany, discovers the process of nuclear fission for energy.

1942 – First nuclear fission reactor
Enrico Fermi, working in the United States, designs and builds the first nuclear fission reactor.

1951 – First nuclear electrical power
The first nuclear electrical power produced in Idaho, USA.

1958 – First geothermal power plant in New Zealand
New Zealand's first geothermal power plant, in Wairakei in the North Island, produces electricity.

1962 – First gas well in New Zealand
New Zealand's first gas well drilled in Taranaki, North Island.

1973 – Energy shortages
Worldwide energy shortages are caused by the oil embargo of key oil-producing countries.

1974 – Photovoltaic cell developed
Silicon photovoltaic cell for harnessing solar power is developed by Joseph Lindmayer in the USA.

1985 – New Zealand's nuclear ban
The New Zealand anti-nuclear policy is enforced over a visit by the USS warship Buchanan.

1986 – The worst nuclear meltdown
Worst nuclear meltdown with nuclear fallout occurs at Chernobyl, Ukraine.

1993 – First wind turbine in New Zealand
The first commercial wind turbine in New Zealand is installed in Brooklyn, Wellington. More wind farms follow.

2003 – World's largest power cut
The world's most significant power cut affects more than 50 million people when a fault in a power company in Canada causes a black-out across the eastern USA and Canada.

2016 – year high
New Zealand generates 85% of electricity from renewable sources."

*Info provided by sciencelearn.org



Sycor's Solar & Wind Turbine Cables

The Sycor team has been in the wire and cable industry since 1981 and has been providing cabling products to a number of different energy markets for decades. Renewables are also the fastest-growing energy source since 2018, which has doubled since early 2000. In 2016 renewable energy reached an all-time high of 24% of the world's power. With 16% coming from hydro and the rest from wind, geothermal or solar, this form of power creation is slowly becoming the most prevalent around the world. With countries like Iceland (100%), Paraguay (100%), Costa Rica (99%), Norway (98.5%), Austria (80%), Brazil (75%), and Denmark (69.4%), leading the way (resilience.org)


Wire and cable are the physical products that transfer power; therefore, they play one of the most critical roles in these applications. Solar panel wiring is one most durable constructions as it is continuously subject to UV, weathering, maintenance and abrasion. These typical constructions have to be able to resist sunlight 100% of the time and be able to survive the weather, extreme temperatures (high & low) and be able to handle periodic maintenance.

Elon Musk once said in an interview that if China (the most populated country in the world) were to place solar panels around their growing cities, they could effectively become 100% renewable.

This type of movement would cost trillions of dollars, not only because of the solar panels but the wiring, the maintenance, the land space and many other difficult hurdles. Conducting further research, we've discovered that this is only possible during the day, as the world has not yet developed batteries powerful enough to store an adequate amount of energy to power a major city through the night. The winter months would be even more difficult as there's less light during the day.


As a supplier of wire and cable products, we're able to gather different materials from across the world. If you're installing solar panels outside China, setting up a wind turbine in an open field, or even setting up wire panels on your residential roof, then we can help.


Industry-Specific Cables

Wind Turbine Cables:

  1. 2k Wind Turbine DLO cable
  2. VFD UL1277 & UL2277


Solar Panel Cables:

  1. Solar Photovoltaic UL4703


Generally, the cabling product is determined by the job it's required to do, rather than the specific application. For example, although Photovoltaic UL4703 is one of the only cables that can transfer the initial power from solar panels, doesn't mean it can be used as that application's control cable.

Some of the major parts that make up a solar panel application!


Wind Turbine & Solar Panel Cables:

Power Lead Cables

Motor Supply & Control Cables 

H05Z-K & H07Z-K Lead Wire

750V, 90C
XLPO Insulation, Halogen-free
Approvals: <HAR>, VDE, CE

Flexible Tray Cable

600V, 90C
Multi-conductors fit to spec
Approvals: TC-ER, FT4, EPA, VW-1

SGT & SGX Battery Cable

-40C to 105C & -40C to 125C
PVC & XLPE Insulation
Approvals: SAE J-1127

SJOOW & SOOW Power Cable

*Many other power cables 
constructions work as well
300V & 600V, -50C to 105C,
EPDM Insulation / CPE Jacket
Approvals: FT1, FT2

Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO)

2000V, 90C
EPR Insulation / CSPE Jacket
Approvals: RHH/RHW, R90, VW-1, FT1

H07RH-F Heavy Duty Power Cable 

450/750V, -25C to 60C
Rubber insulation, Neoprene Jacket
Shielded and flexible construction


600V, 90C
XLPE Insulation
Approvals: UL XHHW-2, VW-1



In general renewable energy will be the future as our population grows and evidence of climate change increases. With countries like Denmark and Iceland embarrassing these futuristic green energy technologies, having a fully sustainable world has never been more important. Our team for the last 2 decades has been supplying wind turbine and solar panel cables, in both power cable and control cable constructions. If you have any additional questions or concerns about wind or solar cables, feel free to reach out to one of our technical advisors.


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