Sycor Product Highlights: Radix Super J

Presenting a new alternative for your high-voltage/high-temperature applications:

It is no surprise that industrial environments can be quite punishing on components, whether it be abrasive or damaging wear and tear, consistent high temperatures and interactions with harsh chemicals, component stress due to required mobility, as well as so many more factors. When it comes to wire and cable, you should want the best component for the application, this is where Radix’s “Super J” line of products comes into play, this braid-less silicone product boasts high durability and heat resistance, whilst still being cost-effective and easy to install.  



What is so super about Super J?

In addition to everything previously stated, this Radix product offers a large variety of both sizes and voltage ratings with the approvals to match, meaning that the material can be applied to a large range of motors, drives & controls, power generation, and medium or high-voltage transformer applications. Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of everything that Super J products can offer:




-          200°C – 1KV – UL 3644 / CSA AWM I A/B FT2

-          200°C – 3KV – UL 30056

-          200°C – 5KV – UL 30057

-          200°C – 8KV – UL 30058

-          200°C – 15KV – UL 30081




-          24 AWG – 750 MCM (1kV)

-          22 AWG – 350 MCM (3kV)

-          18 AWG – 350 MCM (5kV, 8kV)

-          18 AWG – 350 MCM (15kV)

Stranded tinned copper or nickel-plated copper



-          Superior Abrasion and Cut-Through Resistance

-          Superior flexibility

-          LSZH: Low Smoke, Zero Halogen

-          Silicone formulation suitable for UV, ozone & moisture exposure

-          Not suitable for immersed applications

-          Suitable for applications to -60°C

Insulating System:

-          Super J Extruded Silicone Rubber


Standard Color:

-          Gray

-          Also available in colors and stripes

While these specs look great in a vacuum, the wire and cable market is nothing if not rife with viable products for a given application. So how does Super J compare to its stiff competition such as SEW?


Super J vs. SEW

Cost Effectiveness

Typically, braided wire comes at a price premium due to the material and labour costs involved in manufacturing due to its more involved and complex construction. However, with Super J being a braid-less product, it is much more cost-effective by design due to its streamlined manufacturing process and omission of a fiberglass braid.  

Installation and Maintenance

Speaking of fiberglass braids, gone are the days of installers having to deal with cumbersome braids when applying this component to their application. Due to the composition of the jacket material, maintenance is simple and easier than dealing with treated materials.

Size & Durability

Both SEW and Super J offer a high level of durability. However, unlike SEW, there is no requirement for a “Super JF” variant as Radix boasts how their product has superior flexibility, making it perfect for applications that involve vibration or movement.


Suffice to say, Super J offers quite a few advantages in comparison to more standard and established products within the same sector, including its large range of voltage ratings, durability & flexibility, temperature & chemical resistance, ease of installation & maintenance, and most importantly its cost-effectiveness. Sycor believes that these aspects would make it a prime choice for a broad and vast scope of applications, but If you have any outlying questions about this product, or are considering switching over for your applications, reach out to our sales team at [email protected] where one of our expert reps can assist you with your inquiry.


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