Sycor's Value-Added Services

Different Value-Added Services

The Sycor team has been providing several value-added services for a number of years now. Each service provides cabling applications with unique benefits that in-general save organizations time and spending long term, hence the ‘value’ of the service. Some of these popular services are:

Wire Cutting

The cutting service is quite simple, you give us the exact quantity and lengths you want cut, and we do it. Now, although the cutting service shows scissors, the job itself is done through a powerful machine that's able to cut thousands of meters of wire an hour. By cutting to the exact lengths, this desirable service is best known for saving on labour and spending. These 2 benefits are a unique byproduct of this service. Typically electrical personnel will cut wire when required, but what if your application requires the exact same length for thousands of products? Is it worth it long-term to have your key labourers standing with scissors or is it more beneficial to have everything cut exactly to length ahead of time.

Types of wire cutting available:

Blunt: Clean-cut – straight

Partial Strip: Insulation is cut to expose the length required, but not removed thereby protecting the exposed end until ready to use.

Full Strip: Insulation is removed exposing the required length of the conductor – ready to use.

ROJ: For multi-conductor cables, the outer jacket can be removed to expose the inner conductors.  The inner conductors can then be blunt, partial or fully stripped per requirements.



Wire Striping

Striping is another popular service, but one that also has certain limitations. The primary benefit that striping offers is increased organization during installation and maintenance. Applications on a smaller scale are relatively easy to organize and keep track of, but as applications grow in size, so does their complexity. Sometimes people could be working with hundreds of different wires in relatively close proximity to one another. This is very common for applications with coax, building wire or data cable. Unless you have a wide variety of different coloured stripes, it will be extremely difficult to track identical cables over medium and long distances.


Wire Re-Spooling

Re-Spooling admittedly doesn't offer as many benefits to its intended applications as other services. Wire and cable re-spooling works as you might expect, we take your requested wire, and to your exact length, we re-attach the wire to a spool. This enables the dispersal of one wire or cable style to a number of different plant/job locations, as well as reduces excess weight and costly inventories.





Wire Bundling (Swift-Pull)

The wire and cable bundling service offers a variety of different benefits that help applications tremendously. Available in 3 custom configurations, bundling wire helps effectively manage over 150+ cables in a single bundle. Wire bundling is offered in a straight wire bundle, spiral wire bundle or staggered wire bundle configuration. This service is perfect for any application effectively trying to manage large quantities of cables in close proximity to one another. With only one cable to pull, it'll take less time to set up and finish the intended application. Our team can help bundle any gauge, wire, cable and fiber optic type together with a tightly bonded nylon material.





Beyond our capability to cut your product to length, we can speed up your production further by delivering your wire or cable ready to kit or install. By consistently having up-to-date equipment, our team's able to terminate the most popular types of terminals and connectors, that also conform to UL and CSA standards. 



Wire and Cable Printing

Wire and cable all typically have the same standardized shape, which makes identification difficult in many types of applications. Printing is one of the few ways electrical personnel can quickly identify and organize their work environments. With so many different cables connecting to things in every direction, wire printing quickly and effectively identifies the role of each one.

Our team specializes in custom marking and printing for customers who find it beneficial to have their trade name, part number, and/or logo on select wires, cables, tubing, and sleeving products. Although there's a wide selection of different types of wire markings, most people typically use Ink-Jet and print wheel systems. 


Bonding Cable

Our team is one of the only manufacturers in North America that has the capability to bond wires together in a parallel construction. This is sometimes referred to as festooning and is used in jobs that require vertical flexibility due to space constraints. Conductors are bonded together using a specially formulated adhesive.

Typical Bonding Products

  • Single and Multi-Conductor
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Fiber Optics


  • Trailers, cars, trucks, trains, buses, and airplanes
  • Festooning systems (conveyor belts, elevators, etc.)
  • Control panels and switchboards
  • Space constraints areas



Wire and Cable Twisting

Twisting wire and cable is another unique service that provides a range of different types of benefits. Twisting as a service is the only one that's able to combat 'EMI'. EMI or "Electromagnetic interference is when the radio frequency spectrum, has a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction" (Wikipedia). Twisting is also able to increase the flexibility of the cables within it. 


Wire Twisting Applications

  • Jumpers, leads, cable harnesses, and assemblies.
  • Wiring that requires a specific colour code without having to buy large runs of custom cables.
  • Space constraints.
  • Cables are sometimes much more expensive than a traditional twist.
  • Twisting wires into pairs, triads, and quads for ease of use.


Gauges and Restrictions

  • 24 AWG – up to 12 Conductors
  • 22 AWG – up to 14 Conductors
  • 20 AWG – up to 14 Conductors
  • 18 AWG – up to 12 Conductors
  • 16 AWG – up to 8 Conductors
  • 14 to 12 AWG - Call to Enquire

Wire Dyeing

Wire dyeing is another beneficial service. We can dye white wire to any colour that you desire. The colour will not crack, run or peel and is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and fungus. Some wire and cable jackets are more susceptible to dyeing than others.


Anyone can distribute wire and cable. Our team takes our business to the next level and offers time-saving services for our clients in Canada, USA, and Internationally. These services help our customers organize their production time and simplify the manufacturing approach. If you are looking to customize your wire and cable, we are happy to offer our Value Added Services for whatever application you may be pursuing.



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